Best 600cc Sportbike For Short Riders

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Best 600cc Sportbike For Short Riders. BMW F 750 GS 10395 321-inch seat w optional 311-inch seat or 303-inch seat 493 lbs. Were partial to the ones seen here.

Epingle Sur Mot Fahrer
Epingle Sur Mot Fahrer from

As a short rider Im gonna tell you the one thing I love about BMW that sets it apart from other manufacturers. That includes riding position Clipon reach ground reach. All but the shortest riders will be.

This is a single-cylinder bike.

Im on a quest to find a good sized 600cc SS bike that fits short riders comfortably. Ive done many 300-500mile trips and have had no comfort issues with the 250. Yes it is not a big engine. Other bikes in the classic collection that are in competition with the Guzzi are the Triumph Bonneville and the Kawasaki W800 and neither of these should be overlooked.