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The People Who Took Sewing Out of Schools Are Idiots

Yes, this is a rant…

What seems like eons ago now, there was a “back to basics” movement in the schools that coincided with the “Home Ec classes lead to subjugation of women” movement. And so, school boards in their infinite wisdom, eliminated any courses that didn’t relate to reading, writing, and arithmetic. In their . . . → Read More: The People Who Took Sewing Out of Schools Are Idiots

Stronger Threads

Dear Friends,

I received my August/September issue of Threads Magazine the other day and was not disappointed this time. You see, I was a longtime Threads reader and would devour every issue. I learned how to improve my sewing skills and was encouraged to try new-to-me techniques. The articles about vintage garments inspired me look . . . → Read More: Stronger Threads

The Call of the Cloth

Toddler(!) Alice Fondles Fabric

Dear Friends,

My older sister, June, a fiber artist and minister, has begun writing a blog about the intersection between faith and creativity. The other day she wrote about first learning how to sew and how her fiber art is an expression of her soul.

Her post resonated deeply with . . . → Read More: The Call of the Cloth

Five Reasons (Plus One) Why You Should Learn How to Sew

Dear Friends,

Being a custom clothing person in a “fashion industry” oriented design program can feel lonely at times. Even though I’m surrounded by highly creative people, not all of them share my enthusiasm for sewing. I know I’m biased, but I think everyone should learn how to sew. And here’s why:

1. You never . . . → Read More: Five Reasons (Plus One) Why You Should Learn How to Sew

Running With Patterns

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on the Modern Retro Woman blog that I look like this in my imagination (only blonde…):

Somehow, I get the feeling that the woman in the picture would never run around a sewing lab waving a manilla paper pattern for a pleat detail over her . . . → Read More: Running With Patterns

Friday Finds for April 22

Dear Friends,

A week ago, I had grand visions of spending my spring break just sewing up a storm. While my vision didn’t come to fruition, I have felt very creative nonetheless. And here are a few things that have inspired me this past week:

Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer

. . . → Read More: Friday Finds for April 22

This Was Driving Me Crazy

Dear Friends,

This was driving me crazy:

I had a huge and rather disorganized pile of sewing-related stuff on my sewing machine. Any time I wanted to use the machine, I had to move it out of the way. I hate to admit it, but for several days last week, the pile lived on . . . → Read More: This Was Driving Me Crazy

Beady Around The Edges

Image courtesy of

Dear Friends,

I can’t say that taking the intermediate and advanced sewing classes during the same semester completely burned me out, but, like a synthetic fabric after a burn test, it left me a bit beady around the edges.

I’ve only sewn one thing since I turned in my last . . . → Read More: Beady Around The Edges

Clap On, Clap Off…The Point Presser!

Buying all of the sewing tools we need to construct quality garments can quickly become expensive. For my advanced sewing/tailoring class, I discovered I was woefully deficient in the tool department and needed to buy a seam roll, tailor’s ham, and a clapper/point presser, among other things.

Our class was able to negotiate a discount . . . → Read More: Clap On, Clap Off…The Point Presser!

Crispy Fried

During my eight-week summer vacation, I only sewed one thing (other than the Tailored Curriculum samples): A Simplicity 2900 dress for Baby Alice (that is her modeling it for us). The only reason I finished her dress was because I wanted to finish it before she outgrew it. Her mother says it “just” fits her . . . → Read More: Crispy Fried