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Misadventures in Making a Sloper, Part 1

So…way back in January, I said that one of my goals for the year is to make a basic skirt sloper.  I can then  use the sloper as the foundation for drafting patterns.

Using a chapter out of my Do As I Say, Not As I Do book, I measured myself and proceeded to draft a pattern using the same steps from my video tutorials (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4).

As you can see from the resulting pattern, I was going to have trouble with the fit:


The front side seam is quite curvy while the back side seam is virtually straight.


Also, the back curved up in weird way.  But I have a sway back so I went with it and added seam allowances anyway.

As you can see…it didn’t fit…

Not even close…

Do  you like the designer socks?




The waist was 4-5 inches too big. I primarily miscalculated the intakes for the darts because of my poochy stomach and swayback.



You should have a “pinch” not a full-on “grip” on the side seams.

So…back to the drawing board for me!

3 comments to Misadventures in Making a Sloper, Part 1

  • Hi Julie!
    Have you considered using one of the pattern company slippers as a starting off point? I didn’t have anyone around to help me take accurate measurements for my block making (my husbands very patient and helpful but not a natural with the tape measure. Hehe!) Then I had the idea of getting the Butterick fitting shell 5627. I bought the size closest to my bust, waist, hips and then made the necessary alterations. Once I had transferred these back to the pattern cutting paper I removed the seam allowances, stuck the pieces to pattern card and its been the best fitting block I’ve ever had!
    Love the socks :) Isn’t toile fitting glamorous? Hehe!
    Ami x
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  • Haha- just seen that autocorrect changed slopers to slippers!! :)
    Ami recently posted..Colette PeonyMy Profile