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Back To Basics

When I was in design school working on my custom clothing certificate, I learned that I should think holistically–I shouldn’t just create one garment, I should think in terms of a collection and how they go together.  And I understand that rationale. Completely.

Crafty Gal

Matchbook cover; Image courtesy of WackyStuff on

But my vision for what I want that collection to become is hampered by my lack of pattern drafting skills.  Oh sure, I can create a garment using couture techniques now.  But I’m having a heck of a time drafting or adapting patterns for my figure.  Give me a Size 8 dress form or my dancer sister and I’m golden.  Give me my own figure and I just run into problems.  Therefore, I’ve decided that 2013’s primary learning and sewing goals are to

  • (Re)learn how to draft patterns and learn how to use the professional-grade pattern drafting software I bought when I was in design school
  • Draft basic patterns (slopers) that can then be adapted into something fashionable
    • Skirt
    • Bodice
    • Pant
    • Dress (this is actually the skirt and bodice sloper attached at the waist)
  • Source from my fabric stash when feasible

I am fortunate in that my university has a Family and Consumer Sciences program so the library has lots of resources that I can use in this quest to develop my pattern drafting skills.  Alas, we’re severely understaffed in my office right now so I won’t be able to take any classes from my F&CS colleagues this year.

My ultimate goal is to be able to create patterns inspired by my vintage pattern collection.  Then I can finally make my “Ladies Who Lunch” wardrobe!

What is your sewing-related learning intention for the year?

7 comments to Back To Basics

  • Tina

    Mine is to find time to sew every single week. Daily is too tricky a goal, but finding a few hours a week really moves projects along.
    Tina recently posted..Random Second HalfMy Profile

  • I have to admit………..mine is to get back to sewing garments, for me, for others. I still quilt, of course, but have promised myself now that I am retired that I will get back to other sewing!
    DrMolly recently posted..Still cold & snowy,My Profile

  • Fernanda

    My goal is to work on better fit for the commercial patterns that I buy – take the time to figure out the final measurements. I also want to sew more – just find more time to spend sewing!! Good luck to you.

  • My goal is to create practical and beautiful doll clothes. No alterations. No drafting and re-drafting. Just opportunities to use my imagination within the parameters established by others for the benefit of children.
    Kathy Warnock recently posted..SNOWY DAY REFLECTIONSMy Profile

  • Lisa

    Sewing toys (bears, dolls, stacking rings, etc.)

  • Lauretta6

    I am a quilter but I think that I need to go back to sewing garments. I have a figure that needs some pattern adjustment and I feel that daunting.
    We Miss you. Please post a podcast for us listeners. We Miss you so much. All of your listeners send their love for your new life.

  • There’s something so fulfilling about quilting. My children used to tell me how can I enjoy something so tedious and time consuming? I told them you’d understand someday.