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Why I Trusted The Mister To Pack My Stuff

People were incredulous when they found out that The Mister had stayed behind in Los Angeles to pack up our belongings while I started my new job at the university halfway across the country.  They wondered if he would carefully pack my stuff.  I told them that I trusted him…in fact, I think he does a much better job of packing than I do.  And, certainly, after moving from California to New Jersey and then to Indiana and then back to California gave him a lot of experience packing all of our worldly goods.

The box with the sewing machine in it was well padded.  But, when I pulled the machine out and opened it up, I discovered…

He had also padded the machine inside of its case with fabric to keep it from jostling around.

We nervously set it in Grandma’s sewing cabinet….

And, after oiling it, I took it on a test run on a scrap of fabric.

It worked beautifully and sounded heavenly!

And that is why I trusted him to pack all of our worldly goods while I started my new job halfway across the country!


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