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Today’s Homework: Lace Appliqué

Dear Friends,

One of the things I love about the couture class is that we’re making so many different samples of various techniques.  The samples provide just enough practice so that we get the general idea but they don’t take for–ev–er to complete.

Because of car troubles (I couldn’t get the car to turn OFF! How crazy is that?), I missed almost the entire class session where our professor lectured on the various laces and demonstrated two lace appliqué techniques.  I thought I understood it when she quickly explained it to me after everyone left but when I sat down to do it last week, I was stumped.  Last Friday, I was able to look at my classmates’ samples and I “got it.”  But, that means I’m doing last week’s homework as well as this week’s before class on Friday.

Okay, on to the main event:

Lace appliqué works best if the lace has a distinctive cord around the edge, such as Alencon.  We trimmed the net close to the motif and then used a narrow zig-zag stitch to sew the lace to the base fabric.  We then turned the fabric over and carefully trimmed the base fabric away from the appliqué.

Backside with fabric trimmed away

Our other appliqué was with beaded lace.  Again, we had to trim away the netting as close to the motif as possible without losing any of the beading.  For some of my classmates, that entailed tying the thread holding the beading in place if they had to cut filligree off of the motif.  Fortunately for me, I only lost one bead and was able to cut fairly close to the motif without having to tie anything off.  After I trimmed off the netting, I used a variation of a whip stitch and an invisible stitch to sew the motif to the base fabric.

The motif with most of the netting still attached

Motif ready to be sewn onto base fabric

Motif sewn to crepe backed satin

I feel pretty good about my “first time at it” handiwork but (and this is the purpose if this exercise, right?) I can tell that I need a whole lot more practice at trimming away the netting and using the machine to stitch down a motif.

2 comments to Today’s Homework: Lace Appliqué

  • Now that is an interesting technique.

  • Usually I can look at yours and other sewing blogs, listen to sewing podcasts and just think it satisfies a vicarious sewing urge.

    This however makes me just plain envious to know how to do it.

    It’s so tactile and sensual and I just want to make it and EAT it. (No I’m not tryin’ to be creepy here – sorry if that is weird)


    P.S. I SEW MUCH HOPE you will talk about how you do this in your next podcast, which I’m looking forward to SEW much. (But as a six episode under my belt ‘caster now, you notice I’m not fussing about when will we see it. I know EXACTLY what’s involved.)